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Cloud Computing

cloud computing online training Hyderabad India

Cloud Computing

1. Introduction to Force.com platform and concept of multitenant architecture
2. Salesforce.com Editions
3. Concept of Business Objects in salesforce.com(Lead, Contact, Account etc)
4. Concept of custom Objects
5. Customization :setup
6. Customization :Peronal setup
7. Importing Leads and contacts
8. Creating fields in standard and custom objects
9. Formula fields
10. Workflow rules and Their Actions and examples for each action
11. Validation Rules and examples
12. Records Types
13. Reports and Dashboards
14. Profiles and Roles
15. Users Creation
16. What is a Sandbox ?And different types of sandbox?
17. What is Deployment?
18. What is Change Sets? Inbound change sets and Outbound change sets?
19. Sharing Rules or Sharing Settings
20. Approval Process and example.


1. Introduction to Visual Force
2. Creating Pages, Fields etc.,
3. Page Styles
4. Component ID’s
5. Static Resources
6. Standard Controllers
7. Custom Controllers and Controller Extensions
8. Custom Components
9. Global Variables, Functions Expression Operators
10. Standard Component References
11. Triggers
12. Creating Own Domain
13. Usage of Web services
14. Apex
15. What are the Apex Collections?
16. What is the Apex Casting?
17. Apex Limitations?
18. Governor Limits and how to overcome these limits?
19. Emails Services
20. SOQL (Salesforce.com object Query Language)
21. SOSI (salesforce.com Object search language)

Saleforce Tools

1. Force.com IDE Eclipse
2. Data Loader
3. Apex Explorer
4. Salesforce.com Excel Connector
5. Force.com Migration Tool
6. Difference between Data Loader and Import Wizard

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