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Cognos online training Hyderabad India

Introduction to Data warehousing

Introduction to Data warehousing
Introduction to Business Intelligence
Who needs Data warehousing
Why Data warehousing is required
Data warehousing Architecture Differ OLTP & OLAP
Data Mart –Need ,Advantages
ETL – Process
What is a Dimension
What are Facts
Star Schema
Snowflake Schema
Dimension Modeling
Slowly changing Dimensions
Conformed Dimension

Cognos 8 BI
The entire Training will be on COGNOS 10 comparing with older version (Cognos 8.4)
Cognos Concepts

About Cognos 10 B

Cognos Suit walk through
Cognos Features, Need & Importance.

Cognos Connection

Walk through elements on the screen
Manage Folders(Public & My folders)
How to Connect to different Data Source
Import and Export of Package(Deployment)
Set up Scheduling of Reports

Frame Work Manager

Introduction about Frame work Manager
Workflow of Frame work Manager
Designing a Project
Working with Data Sources
Designing and preparing Metadata Model
Working With Packages

Query Studio

About Ad-hoc Reports
Reporting using Query Studio (List, Crosstab, Chart Reports & others)
Working with Data ( Applying Filters, Prompts & Calculations, Sorting, Grouping &Sections ……)

New Features in Cognos 10

Business Insight
Business Insight Advanced
Active Reports

Report Studio
Overview of Cognos 8 Components & comparison with cognos10
Introduction to Report Studio

Type of Report Templates
Creating List, Crosstab, Chart & Others Reports
Introduction to Filters(creating, editing &removing filters)
Parameters & Prompts (Definition, Creating prompt Page& Usage of Multiple prompts in Reports)
Formatting Reports(Fonts, styles, Header &Footers …)
Types of Prompts (Select& search ,Tree, generated prompt, Date, Time……)

Cognos 10 Advanced Reporting Topics

Conditional Blocks – Need ,usage
Conditional Formatting
Complex Reports (Master Detailed, Drill Through reports)
Introduction to Query Explorer (Building reports using queries, joins…)
How to use HTML & JAVA scripts in Reports-Need ,Importance
Many more Advanced Reports

Other Topics

Import & Export XML Reports
Open Reports from XML
Creating , Editing Queries
Workflow of how report runs in backend.
How to create portal Pages

Analysis Studio

About Analysis Studio
Insert Data
Explore Data
Types of Reports
Drill up & Drill down for Detail

Event Studio

Introduction to Event Studio
Discuss Event Studio window
Events, Agents, Tasks..

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