Informatica online training Hyderabad India

What is Data warehousing?
Who needs Data warehouse?
Why Data warehouse is required?
Types of Systems
(i) OLTP
(ii) DSS
Maintenance of Data warehouse
Data warehousing Life Cycle
Data warehousing Testing Life Cycle

Integration Layer
Staging Area
Analysis & Reporting

Different phases of Modeling

What is a Dimension?
What are Facts?
Multi Dimensional Model
Cubes and its Functions
Star Schema
Fact Table
Dimensional Tables
Snow flake Schema
Factless Fact Table
Confirmed Dimensions

Basic Definitions
Informatica Products
Informatica Architecture
Tools and their roles
Folders – Sub Folders

Introduction to designer
Designer interfaces
Designer tools
Defining Sources
(i) Database as a source
(ii) Flat Files sources
Defining Targets
(i) Importing from database
(ii) Creating a new target
(iii) Creating target database objects

Mapping Introduction
Source Qualifier
Mapping – Table to Table
Mapping flat file to Table
Connected / Unconnected Transformations
Active and Passive Transformations
Source Qualifier Transformation
SQL override in Source Qualifier Transformation
Mapping Source Qualifier as Filter
Source Qualifier to join data
Filter Transformation
Expression Transformation
Sequence Generator Transformation
Rank Transformation
Router Transformation
Aggregator Transformation
Joiner Transformation
Stored Procedure Transformation
Connected and unconnected Transformation
Union Transformation
XML Transformation
Mapping Wizards
Implementing Type-I, Type-II and Type-III mappings

Workflow Introduction
Workflow Tools
Defining Tasks
Command Task
Email Task
Session Task
Link Conditions (v) Event Wait & Event Raise
Setting properties of Session Task
Creating Workflow
Starting Workflow
Monitoring Workflow

Incremental Aggregation
Mapping Analyst for Excel (MAE)
Push-down Optimization
Mapplet Implementation
Target Load Plan
Constraint Based Loading
Mapping Parameters
Mapping Variables
Session Parameters
Link Conditions
Meta Data Backup & Restore
Copying Repository
Deleting Repository Contents