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Linux Online Training Hyderabad

What is Linux?
Then What is Unix?
A Graphical View of Unix History
Brief Linux History
Linux System Construction
Comparing Linux to Unix
Comparing Linux to Windows/DOS
Various Linux Distributions
Common Linux Resources

Hardware Requirements
What You Need Before Installing
The Install Process

Kernel/Shell Relationship
Types of Shells
Getting to a Command Prompt
Executing a Shell
Changing the Default Shell
The Shell as a Programming Environment

The Home Directory
Startup Files
Variables Revisited
Accessing Previous Commands-History
Command Completion
Colors in a Command Line

Standard Input and Output
Standard Output Redirection
Standard Input Redirection
Simultaneous Redirection

The Touch Command
Creating Directories
Deleting Files and Directories Copying and Moving Files and Directories
Moving and Renaming
Creating Links to a File
Organizing Files and Directories in X

What are Permissions?
The CHMOD Command
The UMASK Command
The CHOWN Command
Changing Permissions in X

Viewing and Editing Text Files in X
Viewing Text Files from the Command Line
Editing Text Files from the Command Line
Using the Pico Editor
The VIM Editor
Deleting and Changing Text

Listing Processes from Within Gnome
Listing Processes from the Command Line
Killing Processes from Within Gnome
Killing Processes from the Command Line
Background Mode Operation

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