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Loadrunner online training Hyderabad India

Quality assurance engineers, Performance engineers, technical
managers and anyone who is required to perform load analysis.

– Introduction to manual testing and creating test cases
– Experience in programming C/C++/ GUI Client applications
– Experience with Databases
– Experience in Client/server application development
– Experience in Web applications.
– HTTP protocol
– Overview knowledge of Network components
– Overview knowledge of all kinds of technologies being used

Load Runner architecture
Where to install Load Runner components
Identify hardware and software needed for installation
Installing Loadrunner samples.

Definition of Vuser
Why VUGEN is Used
Features of VUGEN

Starting VUGEN
Understanding VUGEN Environment Options
Choosing the right protocol

VUSER Script sections (Init, Action and end)
Creating New Virtual VUSER script
Adding and removing protocols
Choosing New Virtual user category
Begin Recording on your application
Ending and Saving a recording session
Running the Created Script

Viewing and modifying VUSER scripts
Understanding the functions generated in the code
Getting Help on functions
Workflow Wizard
Walk through on few Loadrunner functions
Recap of Steps for creating Vuser Scripts.

Settings to be done before recording
Modes of recording
Choosing the right protocol
Types of protocol loadrunner supports
Single and Multiple protocols
When and how to use more than one Action
Deleting Action

Creating Vuser groups
Configuring Vusers in Vuser group.
Configuring Vuser run time settings
Configuring scripts
Setting time out intervals
Configuring Scenario run time settings
Setting the run time file location
Specifying results location
Collating results

About Online Monitoring
Setting up the Monitoring environment
Monitor types
Choosing Monitors and measurements in the controller
Starting the monitors in the controller
Opening online monitor graphs in the controller
Setting monitor options

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