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QTP/UFT Testing

1 Introduction to UFT
2 Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing?
3 Drawbacks of Manual Testing
4 Advantage and disadvantage of automation testing
5 Types of Testing can be done by automation Testing
6 What test cases can be converted into automation?
7 What test cases cannot convert into automation?
8 Various types of Automation Tools
9 Lisence in UFT
10 Automation Testing Process in UFT
11 Running basic Scripts- Recording
12 Types of recording- Standard, Lowlevel, Analog, Insight
13 Object spy
14 Object Repository- Operations
15 Types of Object Repository
16 Local and shared Repositories
17 Object Identification
18 Object Repository Manager
19 Introduction to VB scripts
20 UFT Test Object methods
21 Utility Objects
22 Check Points
23 Types of Output values
24 Synchronization
25 Parameterization
26 Data Table parameterization or DataDriven Framework
27 Action Parameter
28 Environmental Variable Parameter
29 Random number paramater
30 Framwork types- Kewword driven, hybrid

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