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Simple logistics training


Topic List  For SAP S/4 HANA Simple Logistic


SAP In-Memory Strategy

Architecture Overview

Row Store

Column Store

Attribute Views

Analytic Views

Calculation Views SAP S/4 HANA





S/4 HANA Roadmap

Benefits of S/4 HANA from business perspective

Ways from Business Suite to S/4 HANA

Introduction to SAP Fiori

Deployment Options (On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid)


Introduction to SAP Activate Methodology


System Conversion

Landscape transformation

New implementation



Overview of SAP HANA Cloud Solutions


SAP Strategy for Cloud and SAP HANA

SAP Cloud Data Centers

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Use Cases

Examples of On-Premise to Cloud Integration



Key Innovations of SAP Simple Logistics


Inventory Management

Material Requirement Planning

Material Valuation

Order Management & Billing




Changes in SAP Simple Logistics Processes


Overview of New Functionalities in SAP Simple Logistics

Overview of SAP Fiori Apps related to Logistics/ Supply Chain

Architectural changes for Product Master & Supplier Information

Architectural Changes/ Configurations related to Sourcing & Procurement

Architectural Changes/ Configurations related to Supply Chain

Architectural Changes/ Configurations related to Manufacturing

Architectural Changes/ Configurations related to Sales

  • Master data changes-Material & Business partner masters Deltas in SAP MM-overview
  • Changes in material ledger, pricing, data model, output determination ,some Fiori Apps-practical changes in Foreign Trade management ,SRM-Theoretical session

Deltas in SAP SD-overview


  • Changes in data model, pricing, output determination, credit management, SD Rebate processing-practical
  • Changes in revenue recognition, Foreign trade, CRM-Theoretical session.
  • Practical session on MRP live
  • Understanding conversion process & tools
  • Converting customers/vendors into Business partners
  • Understanding conversion cockpit
  • Overview to SAP simple finance


Industry Specific Solutions for Logistics functions for


Engineering & Construction

Aerospace & Defense

Mill Industry




Migration to SAP S/4 HANA


For New Installation

Customers already using SAP Business Suite

Customers who want to consolidate their landscape

Customers who want to Carve out selected entities or processes



Explain the scope and impact of the SAP S/4 HANA Materials Management & Operation

Understand the prerequisites for migration

Configure the system in preparation for migration

Perform migration to the SAP S/4 HANA

SAP S/4Hana Simple Logistic Training at Pragna Technologies:


Pragna Technologies is one of the best institutions in the world who offer online training of SAP S/4Hana Simple Logistic program. The live trainer offers real-time coaching to the beginners with commerce background. The education is very useful for the students who want specialization in the module. The

SAP S/4Hana Simple Logistic online training

offers all study materials to students who enroll them for learning it. The program is accessible from all locations in the world where the Internet is available. The online SAP trainer has numerous teams of SAP experts including lecturers, practical trainers, and teaching management. After the enrollment with the institution, students are provided with study materials, online classes, and practical training on the software.
The learners can ask their queries through online chatting and phone calls. The management is available for 24 hours. They provide e-books and online tutorials in the form of videos plus live classes. The experts will teach you, how to operate the software efficiently and get maximum productivity from it. They also provide assignments to the scholars to work on live projects. The company manages online exams. They issue SAP S/4Hana Simple Logistic certificates to the students who qualify its exam.
What is SAP S/4Hana Simple Logistic program?

SAP S/4Hana is a new generation program that is loaded with simplicity, improved efficiency, and convincing functionality. It is an in-memory version of the SAP ERP Platform. It is a new approach to querying data when it rests in the RAM of a computer rather than it resides on the disc of the machine. This enhances business intelligence and analytical logics through reduced query-response times. It is handy to use and control. It supports solving more difficult problems. The program is based on the new data model. Indexes and aggregates, which used in its previous model, are totally removed in the new design. Nested tables are also compressed to enhance shrinkage of a financial document. Moreover, the customers, who use conventional software, can easily adopt the new application through a simple update. It is suitable for solving compound difficulties and processing larger amounts of data as compared to its previous model.

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