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SAP ABAP Online Training

sap abap online training Hyderabad India

1.ERP Introduction
2.SAP Introduction
Functional and Technical Overview & Opportunities in SAP
3. Architecture of the R/3 system
Advantage of Three tier Architecture
Two-Tier vs Three-Tier
4.Introduction to ABAP/4
Logon Procedure
Database Tables
Data types, Data Objects
ABAP Development Workbench
5.ABAP Dictionary
Data Elements
Database Tables Creation, foreign Key Concept
Structures Creation, Including Structure in to
Database Table
Views: Database View, Projection view, Help view, Maintenance view
Search Help: Elementary and Collective lock Object
6.ABAP Programming
Declarative key words System fields
Text elements
ABAP Editor Introduction Conditional & looping statements String Handling
WRITE Statement special techniques
Fields strings (Structures), Nested-Structures
Type-Pools, Report to Report
Conversion exits
Message class
Field symbols
EPC & Code Inspector
Text Translations
Performance Optimization
Creation of Transaction codes for Reports
7.ABAP Database Access
Open SQL
8.ABAP Runtime Tools
Abap Debugger,
Runtime Analysis, SQL Trace
9.Selection Screen Designing:
Select Options,
Screen table and its fields ,
Dynamic screen modification
Check Boxes
10.Reporting and event handling
Different types of select statements.
Classical reports
Events for classical reports
Interactive reports
11.ABAP list viewer:
ALV Reports (ALV List, ALV Grid, ALV Hierarchical Reports)
12.Module pool programming
Screen painter: layout designing, Flow logic
Menu painter: Menu bar designing and navigation
Table control
Tabstrip control
Sub screens
13.Batch data communication
BDC Introduction
Call transaction method
Handling table controls in BDC
LSMW (Different Methods)
File Handling
14.Scripts & Smart Forms
SAP Scripts Introduction
Components of SAP Scripts
Layout Set
Standard Text
Out Put Program
Modifying Standard SAP Script Layouts
Including Logos
Sap Script Utilities
Smart forms introduction
Style Maintenance
Print program & Design Layouts
Debugging scripts &Smart forms
ECC6 Introduction
Difference between 4.7 & ECC6
Introduction & Working with ABAP New
New Enhancement Framework
15.Cross Applications
Introduction to Distributed Environment
Introduction to Cross Apps
Introduction to ALE& EDI
Overview of Outbound & Inbound Process
Configuration Steps Distribution Model View Working with Change
16.IDoc (Intermediate Documents)
What is an Idoc?
Types of Idocs Basic Idocs Extension Idocs
Working with Idocs
Creation of Idoc type
Creation of Message type
Assigning Message type to Idoc type
Programming withCustom IDOC’s
Bapi overview
Creation of Business Objects
Delegation of BO
BADI Overview
Implementing a BADI
18. Enhancements
Introduction to Enhancements
User Exits Overview Types of User Exits
Field Exit
Screen Exit
Function Exit
Menu Exit
Introduction to Workflow & Workflow
20. Miscellaneous Topics
Correction & Transport request (CTS)
Work Bench & Customizing Requests
Task Creation
Release Objects
Logical Database
SAP Query
SD Flow
MM Flow
Tech Spec Design format
Code review format
Functional Spec Format
Object Coding& Naming Standards
Real time creation of Reports

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