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SAP HR online training Hyderabad India

SAP Introduction

Structures in SAP HR Enterprise Structure


Defining Enterprise Structure


Company Code

Personnel Area

Personnel Sub Area

Assigning Enterprise Structure
Personnel Structure in HR


Defining Personnel Structure

Employee Groups

Employee Subgroups

Assigning Personnel Structure
Organizational Structure


Defining Organization Structure

Organization Units



Maintaining relationship by creating evaluation path in

Organization Structure

Generating Reports
Time Evaluation

Time Evaluation settings

Time Evaluation with Clock Times

Times Evaluation without Clock Times

Evaluations & Time management Pool

Time Manager’s Work Place
Shift Planning

Shift Plan


Information Systems

Maintain Time Schemas

Maintain Personnel Calculation Rules
Reporting in SAP HR

Introduction to logical Database, Infoset, Infoset Query

Ad-Hoc Query

SAP Query

Employee Self Services ( Complete Configuration )

Manager Self Services ( Complete Configuration )

Learning Solutions ( Complete Configuration )

Employee Interaction Centre

Resume Preparations

Frequently Asked Questions


ASAP Methodology

Implementation, Support, Roll outs and Migration Projects

Interview Preparations and Guidance

Case Study and Analysis
Personnel Administration


Basic Settings

Maintaining number range intervals for Personnel Numbers

Determine defaults for number range

Organizational Data

Define Administrator Groups

Define Administrator

Customizing Infotype menu
Customizing Personnel Actions

Define Infogroup

Set up Personnel Actions

Create reasons for Personnel Actions

Change action menu

Executing Personnel Actions with a hiring action


Basic Settings

Set up integration with other components

Create number ranges for applicant numbers
Managing Time Accounts using Attendance/Absence Quota

Setting Groupings for Time Quotas

Defining Attendances & Absences Quota

Rules for generating Quotas ( Rounding, Generation,

Reducing Rule)

Quota Deduction using Attendances/Absences

Defining of Deduction Rule

Assigning of Deduction Rule to Counting Rule
Payroll Management


Remuneration Structure

Defining Pay Scale Type and Area

Assigning Pay Scale Structure to Enterprise Structure

Determine Defaults for Pay Scale Data

Revise Pay Scale Groups and Levels

Define Pay Scale Salary Ranges

SAP ERP is Enterprise resource management software designed and developed by German company SAP SE. Are you looking for SAP HR Online Training then you are at right place. SAP HR is one of the most important modules of SAP ERP. SAP HR manages important organizational functions like hiring an employee to its final termination in organisation.  It consists various sub-elements like Personnel Management, Time Management, Organisational Management (OM) and Payrolls. To pick up an edge, you have to help hierarchical development and representative engagement with a solitary, brought together with a framework for global management of local & overseas employees there is a need of SAP HR. The point of the Human Resources segment is to empower organizations to process worker related information as indicated by business necessities in a compelling structure. We at Pragna Technologies provide the best SAP HR Online Training in India. Students will get the technical knowledge from our exceptionally knowledgeable trainers that are certified to teach SAP HR. We also provide SAP HR/HCM coaching support to cater the specific needs of the beginners and advanced professionals. With more than ten years experienced and knowledge on SAP HR/HCM and we will provide you real-time training on live projects.

Key Topics That We Cover under Our SAP HR Training Module:

    • 1.Time Management
    • 2. Payroll
    • 3. SCHEMAS & PCR’s.
    • 4. Payroll/Time Management operations and Functions
    • 5. SCHEMAS and PCR’s.
    • 6. Creation of ADHOC Queries
    • 7. Taxation
    • 8. Dynamic Actions
    • 9. HR Forms(Adobe forms, Smart Forms, and PE51-Form)
    • 10. Info type Creation
    11. Basics of ABAP related to HR

At Pragna Technologies with SAP HR Online Training in Hyderabad, India you can:

1) Computerize organizational representation, time administration and management, finance, and
legitimate detailing forms.

2) Boost consistency with changing worldwide and neighbourhood HR controls

3) Comprehend, assess, and measure your workforce’s commitments to all that matter.

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