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sap isu online training Hyderabad India
(industry solution for utilities)

1. Utilities Industry Overview
De-Regulatory Market
2. Introduction to SAP IS-U
SAP R/3 Overview
Extended R/3 Integration Model & SAP ISU
SAP IS Utilities components
ISU/CCS Integration Model
Relation between R/3 and ISU Components
Typical ISU Scenario
3. Regional Structures
Purpose of regional structure
Postal Regional structure
Political Regional structure
Company Regional structure
Portions & Meter reading Units
Scheduling tasks
Dependencies of Regional structures
4. ISU Master data
Introduction to Master data
Business Master data
Business Partner
Contract account
System configuration in SAP IS-U & R/3
Creation of Business master data
Technical Master data
Connection Object
System configuration in SAP IS-U & R/3
Creation of Technical master data
5. Move-in & Move-out
Move-in Introduction
Move-in Business scenario
Move-in Processing
Changes to contract data during Move-in
Allocation of Contract to installation
Installation History
System Configurations @ SAP IS-U
6. Device Technology (Device management)
Device Category & Device
Device management Overview
Integration with Logistics
Register & Register data
Modeling of devices
Device Inspection and certification
7. Installations & Order processing
Installation Overview
The Installation service process
Installation services
Service processing
Periodic Device replacement
Replacement of a meter
Reversal of Removal
Business scenario: Replacement of sample device
Generation of service order
Executing the service order
Determining the Device location
Device Location & data
8. Overview of Technical Objects
Relationship between Technical objects
Service order execution steps
Technical installation structure
Example of installation structure
Billing related process & data entry
Device History
Device life cycle
9. Meter reading Overview
Meter Reading introduction
Types of Meter reading
Meter Reading Organization(Street route)
Creating Meter reading orders
Validating Meter reading results
Monitoring meter reading results
Reversing Meter reading orders
10. Integration of DM with other modules
Integration with MM module.
Integration with PM module.
11. Billing Master Data, Rate structure, Creation and Execution
Billing Class
Rate type
Rate Category
Prices, price categories, Price types
Rates, Rate line items
Schemas, Working with schemas
Rate Determination
12. Important Billing Functions
Billing Tasks
Billing periods
Special Billing functions
Process of Billing
Entry of selection
Billing & Simulation
Document Information
Out-sorting (Billing and Invoicing)
Billing Reversal Process
Manual billing
13. Invoicing
Invoicing Overview
Tasks of invoicing
Invoicing Processing
Budget Billing procedure
Payment plan categories
Creation of Budget billing plan
Payment plan (Creation and Configuration)
Payment schemes (Creation and Configuration)
Invoicing reversal (Basic settings for Invoicing reversal)
Out-sorting (Billing and Invoicing)
Lock Reasons for Invoicing
Bill Printout
Bill form
Control Parameters for bill printout
Classification criteria of billing line items

1. Basics
Concept and special functions in FI-CA
Event Technology
Parallel Mass Processes in FI-CA
Master Data Objects in FI-CA
2. Documents
Lifecycle of Documents
Document Structures
Posting Documents
Integration with General Ledger Accounting
Account Balance Display
3. Transactions and Account Determination
Structure of Transactions
Transactions in IS-U
General Ledger Account Determination
Tax Determination in IS-U
4. Incoming Payments
Processing Incoming and Outgoing Payments
Payment Lots and Check lot
Clarification Processing
Cash Desk/Cash Journal
5. Payment Run
Prerequisites of Payment Settlement
Payment program
Payment Cards
6. Returns Processing
Configuration of Returns
Processing of Returns
7. Clearing Control
Terminology and Definitions
Configurations of Clearing Strategy
8. Dunning and Collections
Dunning –Terminology
Configuration and Execution of Dunning Run
Submission to External Collection
9. Interest Calculations
Calculation of Interest on Items
Interest Keys and Calculation Rules
Processing of Interest Calculation
10. Deferral/Installment Plan
Deferral:Definition and Processing
Installment Plan: Definition and Processing
11. Other Business Transactions
Account Maintenance
Reversing Documents and Resetting Clearing
Document Transfer
Mark as Doubtful/Individual Value Adjustment
Write Off
12. Security Deposits
Cash and Non-Cash Security Deposit
Request, Payment and Settlement of Cash Security Deposit
13. Correspondence
Definition and Types
The Print Workbench
Further Integration of FI-CA in SAP Modules

SAP ISU -CCS (customer care & services)
1. Regional Structures
Purpose of regional structure
Postal Regional structure
Political Regional structure
Company Regional structure
Dependencies of Regional structures
2. Schedule Master Record
Parameter Record
Meter reading unit
Creation of the above
3. Business Master Data
Business Partner
Contract account
Creation of Business master data
4. Technical Master data
Connection Object
Creation of Technical master data
5. Device Installation
Technical Installation of the Device
Billing related installation of the Device
Full installation of the Device
6. Move-in & Move-out
Move-in Introduction
Move-in Business scenario
Move-in Processing
Changes to contract data during Move-in
Allocation of Contract to installation
7. CIC Configuration
CIC Terminology
CIC Profile: Framework and Compnents
CIC Customizing: Create Framework
CIC Visible Compnents
CIC Customizing: Assign Visible compnents to slots
CIC Hidden Components
CIC Customizing: Assign Hidden components to slots
CIC Customizing: Assign Framework and Component profiles in the CIC profile
CIC Customizing: Assign CIC Profile to an organizational level in organization management
Organizational Plan
CIC Organizational Structure
Allocate the CIC Profile in the Organizational Plan
Assigning a CIC Profile to a user id
Starting the CIC.
8. Navigation and Application Area
IS-U Navigator Structure
Customizing Navigation Area
Data Environment for the Navigation Area
Customizing Navigation Area: Context Menu
Data and Documents in the Navigation Area
CIC Application Area
Customizing Application Area
Defining HTML Calls
HTML Configuration
Customer Overview
Customer Contact
9. Front Office Process
Data flow of front office processes
Data Export and Data Import
Action Box Call: Data flow
Data flow clipboard
Data flow Context Menu
10. Disconnection/ Reconnection
Business Scenario
Process of Disconnection and Reconnection
Disconnection Triggers
Disconnection Document and Reference object
Disconnection Document Component
Confirm Disconnection Order
Contract Specific Disconnection
Create Disconnection Document: Example
Customizing Processing Variant

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