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SAP XI online training Hyderabad India

XI overview
System Landscape Directory(SLD)
Integration Repository
Types Of Mapping
Graphical Mapping
Business Process Management
Integration Directory
Types Of Adapters
Interfacing with SAP.
Run Time Workbench
End to End Scenario Implementation
Provide an overview of EAI and SAP PI and its architecture.
This topic will provide an overview of the SLD, its functions and different components of SLD
Integration Repository
Software components and namespaces
Data Types, Message Types
Message Interfaces
Message Mappings and Interface Mappings
Integration processes.
Types of Mapping
Graphical Mapping
XSLT Mapping
ABAP Mapping
Java Mapping
All the default functions available, User Defined Functions, Value Mapping.
BPM Architecture
Creation of BPM
Process Editor
BPM Patterns
Collaboration Profile.
Routing Rules.
Collaboration Agreement
Types of Adapter
File Adapter
JDBC Adapter
SOAP Adapter
Interfacing with SAP
IDOC Adapter
RFC Adapter
Run Time Workbench
Component Monitoring
Message Monitoring
End-to-End Monitoring
Performance Analysis
Alert Configuration
End to End Scenario Implementation
Sample File to File Scenario Configuration and testing.
Error tracing.

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