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SD With Simple Logistics

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Best  SD online training Hyderabad, India is being provided by Pragna Technologies to end your best-suited search for this applied course.

Introduction to SD Online Training in Hyderabad, India

Defining & Assigning Organizational Units
Understanding the relationship of above with each other
Customer Master Data
Material Master Data
Customer Material Information Record
Basics of Partner Functions
Defining Account Groups, Creating number ranges & Assigning the same

Creation of Customer Master Data
Creation of Material Master Data
Creation of Pricing Condition Records
Creation of Customer Material Information Record
Bill of Material

Types of documents
Document configuration for sales, deliveries & Billing
Item Category configuration & Determination
Schedule Line Category Configuration & Determination
Copy Control configuration

Material Determination
Listings & Executions
Free Goods
Revenue Account Determination
Output Determination
In completion Procedure
Credit Control
Availability Check & TOR
Shipping Point Determination
Route Determination
Packing of Goods

Order Processing from Inquiry to Order
Understanding the document flow for various types transactions
Processing Deliveries
Post Goods Issue & its effects
Billing & its effects

Condition Types with configuration
Pricing Procedure
Rebate Agreement & Processing
Outline Agreements
Scheduling Agreements


» Cash sales

» Rush order

» Free of charge delivery
» Subsequent free of charge
» Contracts
» Quantity contracts
» Value contract general
» Value contract material specific
» Master contracts

Special scenarios
Inter Company Billing
Third party Orders
Stock Transport Orders – STO
Made to Order process – MTO
Variant Configuration
ASAP Methodology
My Business Suite
Solution Manager

FI-MM Integration

Definition of organizational units in materials management i.e. plant, storage location and purchase Organization
Assignment of organizational units to each other
Definition of tolerance groups for purchase orders
Definition of tolerance groups for goods receipt
Definition of tolerance groups for invoice verification balance sheet items.
Definition of vendor specific tolerances
Creation, display and change of material master records
Creation of plant parameters
Maintenance of posting periods for materials management
Maintenance of parameters for invoice verification
Maintenance of plant parameters for inventory management and physical inventory
Definition of attributes for material types
Assignment of GL accounts for material transactions in financial accounting
(Integration of MM with FI)
ML activation
Creation of purchase order, posting of goods receipt, invoice verification and
Goods issue for cost center – PO Price differs from Invoice Price -full stock is available
Goods issue for cost center – PO Price differs from Invoice Price -stock is not available
Goods issue for cost center – PO Price differs from Invoice Price –Partial stock is available
Goods issue for cost center – PO Price differs from Invoice Price –Standard Price
Asset purchases in MM


Project implementation flow
Project Creation in SAP and allocation of areas to different consultants
Business Process Re engineering
System Landscape

ASAP Methodology

1. Project Preparation
2. Business Blue Print
3. Realization
4. Final Preparation
5. Go Live and Support
GAP Analysis
Case Study
SD tables
How to view tables
How to view transactional data
How to create USER IDS
How to create own transaction codes
Message Control
SAP Messaging

The prominence of

 SD Online Training


Our institution, the Pragna Technologies, offers Online SD online training with latest course materials and functionalities.  SD is an important and incredible module of  ERP accounts software. The  Sales and Distribution is beneficial for dealing with numerous operations that encountered during the path of starting from an order to its delivery. The module embraces information that linked to customer and services. It deals with ordering, selling, and shipping plus transportation of products and services. It is specially designed to ease the different trading procedures listed below:

Customer Master Data & Material Master Data

  • Sales Orders
  • Pricing
  • Billing
  • Deliveries
  • Credit management

It has many sub-modules including the following:


SD-MD (Master Data): This module is a combination of customer and material data, and it is useful for getting information about each transaction that completed in an organization.


SD-BF (Basic Functions): This submodule includes Pricing, Free Goods, Taxes, output control etc. functions.


SD-SLS (Sales): This submodule contains minute details of each sale. It is useful for tracking product to customer information, pricing, sales process, feedback from a client etc.


SD-SHP (Shipping): This subsection is beneficial for pursuing shipping information of products to their right customers. It also contains records of the goods that return back to a firm.


SD-TR (Transportation): The transportation-related data of the delivered products can be traced through this sub-module efficiently.


SD-FTT (Foreign Trade): The data linked with foreign trade is handled through this branch of the software. It has entries of both imported and exported items. This category works best for an organization that involved in business across countries worldwide.


SD-CAS (Customer Aided Selling): It supports companies to create new sales, tracking of existing traffic, and performance too.


SD-Bill (Billing): The module is useful for fetching informational data of each invoice that paid by cash or debit card in a company. It is closely integrated with other modules of ERP including MM (Material Management) and PP (Product Processing).


SD-EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): This component consists of IDoc or Intermediate Document Interface for sending and receiving messages.



 SD Online Training

course, at Pragna Technologies, is designed to understand its operations easily for new students as well as  professionals. The course provides comprehensive awareness and skills to the learners who learn it through their computers while living anywhere in the world. They get a globally recognized  SD Certificate from the educational center after qualifying its examinations. The credential is useful for getting reputed jobs in big industries.

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Duration 90Hrs.
R3 server Access for 6 Months Materials and Working Notes
Price 20,000.00

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