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Teradata online training

teradata online training Hyderabad India

What Is Teradata Why For It Is What For It Is

What is Teradata?
Teradatav12 & versions
Teradata History
Teradata users scalability
Teradata &other RDBMS
Teradata warehouse
Teradata in the Enterprise
Interview Q&A and Certification queries

Teradata Architecture & It’s Components

Node Architecture(Shared Architecture)
SMP Architecture
MPP Architecture
Parsing engine(PE) Architecture
AMP Architecture &uses
Bynet Benefits &types
Parallel data extension(PDE)
Teradata directory program(TDP)
Call level interface(CLI)
Trusted parallel application(TPA)
Virtual processors
Bynet 0 &Bynet 1

Recovery &Protection Of Data

What is fall back &where it used
Why for fall back
What is Clique
AMP Clustering
& types for simultaneous Access
Why for locks &how to release
Journals &types
Virtual Disk Array
How & where is used journals
Q & A about data recovery

Teradata Indexes

Types of indexes in Teradata
Hash index
Join index
Primary index(unique, non- unique)
Secondary index(unique, non- unique)
Keys & indexes (How & why these used)

How To Storage & Retrieval Of Data

Hash algorithm
Hash map
Hash bucket
Receiving VDisc

Teradata Sql Quarryman

SQL fundamentals
Data types and literals
DDL Statements
DML Statements
Teradata naming conversing

Teradata Sql Functions & Operations

String functions
Format functions
Cast functions
Cast functions
Group & Aggregation functions
Logical operations
Arithmetic operations
set operations
join operations
conditional expressions

Teradata Join Strategies & Unions

hash join
merge join
nested join
product join
inner join
left & right outer join
full outer join

Teradata Objects

Types of tables
Set tables
Multi tables
Volatile tables
Global temporary tables
Derived tables
Stored procedures

Teradata Memory Spaces

Permanent spaces
Temporary spaces
Spool spaces
Users spaces & PWD

Teradata Transaction Modes

Batch mode
BTET mode
ANSI mode
How Converted into others

Teradata Performance Tuning On Sql Assistance

Usage of PMON
Explain usage
Collecting statistics
SQL tuning
Various SQL statements
Real time Issues & resolving

Teradata Utilities & Tools (Import & Export)

Teradata BTeq scripts
Overview of BTeq
Looping stages
Batches scripts
Import &export scripts with Examples
Error handling
Real time scripts

Teradata FastLoad

Types of phages & how to find it
Advantages & its process
Limitations of fast load
Real time scripts

Teradata MultiLoad

Overview of Multi load
Types of phages in MultiLoad
Advantages & its process
Limitations of MultiLoad
Uses various types of operations
Work on Multi tables
Real time scripts
Sample scripts

Teradata Tpump

Overview of Tpump
Limitations of Tpump
Work on Multi tables
Real time scripts
Sample scripts

Teradata Fast Export

How to export the data
Passing parameters
IN/OUT Modes
Work on Multi tables
Real time scripts
Sample scripts

Teradata SQL Assistant(Quarryman)

Teradata performance tuning on scripts

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