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tibco-bw online training Hyderabad India

TIBCO BW Active Matrix Business Works Course Overview

TIBCO Business Works (BW) is TIBCO BW’s enterprise platform for implementing world-class integration solutions.TIBCO has been market leader in MIDDLEWARE Solutions. In this Training, participants acquire key skills needed to solve integration challenges using this platform. Each session would be containing theoretical session and LAB thereafter. Once the Training is over participant would be able to build, deploy, monitor complex solutions in TIBCO.

Eai Concepts

What is eai
Why eai
Business works implimenting eai

Tibco As Eai

Concept of eai
Tibco run time agent
How tibco supports eai

Tibco Busssiness Works

Concepts of bussiness works
Working with palettes
File palette
Xml pallette
Parse pallette
Http palette
Jdbc palette
Inter process communication
General/general configuration palette
Jms palette
Soap, wsdl palette
“Implementation of different type of variables
Global variable
Job shared variable
Process variable”
Exception/error handling and logging
Java palettes i.g java method,java code,java to cml,xml to java
Alias library
Mail palette
Transaction palette
Tcp protocol
Working with complecx transaction/transformation
Service palette
Ear prepare

Tibco Administration

Basic concepts
Resource management
User management Create user
Grant roles to user
Domain configuration/mantainance Create/update domain
Add machine to a domain
Add ems server to a domain
Application management
Process deployment
Process management
Production support

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