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Virtual Infrastructures with VMWare

1 VMWare History and Versions
2 Functions of a Virtual Machine
3 Running a Virtual Machine
4 Alternatives to VMWare

VMWare Workstation

1 VMWare Workstation Overview
2 How VMWare Workstation Interacts with the Operating System
3 Installation of VMWare Workstation
4 Running a Windows Server Virtual Machine
5 Enhancing VMWare Performance with VMWare Tools and optimized Drivers
6 Using and Managing Snapshots
7 Adding Hardware Resources to a Virtual Machine
8 Accessing CD-Roms and ISO Images within a Virtual Machine
9 Limitations of VMWare Workstation

Creating and Managing Virtual Machines

1 Configuring a Virtual Machine using a Template
2 Virtual Machine Networking
3 Installation of a Microsoft Operating System into a Virtual Machine
4 Running Multiple Virtual Machines
5 Allocation of Resources to a Virtual Machine
6 Monitoring Virtual Machine Workload

VMWare Server

1 How VMWare Server Interacts with the Operating System
2 Installation of VMWare Server and Console
3 Using the Server Console (Local)
4 Installation and Operation of Virtual Machines under VMWare Server
5 Accessing Remote Virtual Machines
6 VMWare Server Console
7 Scripting Virtual Machine Boot, Startup, Shutdown and Management
8 Limitations of VMWare Server

Virtual Machines – Behind the Scenes

1 How VMWare Server Interacts with the Host Operating System
2 Managing Virtual Machine Permissions
3 Communication between the Host and the Virtual Machine
4 Understanding VM Networking: Bridged, NAT and Custom Networks
5 Virtual Machine Disk Defragmentation
6 Virtual Disk Configuration: Type and Operating Mode
7 Duplication of Virtual Machines
8 Directly Editing the .vmx file
9 Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown Management
10 Troubleshooting Virtual Machine Startup
11 Connecting USB Devices to a Virtual Machine

VMWare ESX Server & Infrastructure 3 Components

1 Fundamentals of VMWare ESX
2 The VMWare ESX Operation System
3 Demonstration: Loading the VMWare ESX Operating System
4 Connecting to a Virtual Machine running on ESX Server
5 Dedicating Resources to Specific Virtual Machines
6 VMWare Infrastructure 3

Virtual Machines – Best Practices

1 Designing a Virtual Environment
2 Selecting a Platform and Hardware
3 Designing Storage for Virtual Environments
4 Virtual Networking Considerations
5 Securing the Virtual Environment
6 Distributed Virtual Machine Environments
7 Upgrading Virtual Machines for New Versions

Moving Production Systems to Virtual Environments

1 Reproducing Production Systems in a Virtual Environment
2 Migrating Production Systems into a Virtual Environment
3 Testing the Virtual Environment
4 Real-Time Replication of Virtual Environments

Hands-On Laboratory includes:

1 Installation of VMWare Server ESX and Virtual Center 3
2 Migration of Production Server into Virtual Environment
3 Transferring VMWare Images to an ESX Server
4 High-availability solutions with Virtual Center 3

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