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Adobe Flex Online

Adobe Flex Online training Hyderabad India Course OverviewProminence of Adobe Flex Career OpportunitiesVideo – Adobe FlexCourse Overview Introduction to Flex Version 3 or 4 Different RIAs What and why Flex Eclipse and Adobe Flash Builder Flash Builder � Installation and key features Architecture of Flex Application AIR and Web Your first Hello World Application MXML…


Course OverviewProminence of SAP CoCareer OpportunitiesVideo – Controlling DemoCourse Overview SAP Controlling Online Training in Hyderabad, India (PROJECT ORIENTED) Basic settings for controlling 1. Defining Controlling Area 2. Defining Number ranges for Controlling Area 3. Maintain Planning Versions Cost element accounting: 1. Creation of primary cost elements from financial accounting area 2. Creation of primary…

CIN with GST

GOODS AND SERVICE TAX Contents Requirement: What is GST? Impact in the Business transaction: Changes in SAP For Taxinn customers: Configuration in detail 1 Material Management 1.1 Sales and Distribution 1.2 Finance and Controlling SAP Oss Notes to be implemented Tax Procedure Migration-TAXINJ TO TAXINN 1 Executive Summary 1.1 Business Context 1.2 Solution Overview 1.3…


Data Stage

Data Stage online training Hyderabad India Course OverviewProminence of Data StageCareer OpportunitiesVideo – Data StageCourse Overview Data Stage Introduction about Data Stage Difference between Server Jobs and Parallel Jobs Difference between Pipeline Parallelisms Partition techniques (Round Robin, Random, Hash, Entire, Same, Modules,Range,DB2,Auto) Configuration File Difference between SMP/MPD architecture Data Stage Components (Server components/Client Components) Package…

Dot Net 4.0

Dot Net 4.0 online training Hyderabad India Course OverviewProminence of Dot Net 4.0Career OpportunitiesVideo – Dot Net 4.0Course Overview 1) ASP.NET 4.0 2) C#.NET 4.0 ASP.NET CONCEPTS 1. INTRO TO WEB TECHNOLOGIES A Review of classic ASP Client Side Scripting Languages IIS Architecture Server Side Scripting Languages Web Development using Visual Studio 2. ASP.NET INTRO…


Drupal online training Hyderabad India Course OverviewProminence of DrupalCareer OpportunitiesVideo – DrupalCourse Overview Introducing Drupal Drupal Speak What Does Drupal Need to Work? Downloading Drupal Downloading and installing Acquia Drupal The Administration Menu The Administration menu – Content Management The Administration menu – Content Management & Site Building The Administration menu – Site Configuration The…

Etl Testing

etl testing online training Hyderabad India Course OverviewProminence of Etl Testing Career OpportunitiesVideo – Etl Testing Course Overview DBMS and RDBMS What is DataWareHousing and necessity of it? Data warehousing architecture OLAP,ROLAP, MOLAP Data mining Meta data Tables, views Constraints Fact and Dimensional Tables Partitioning of tables Concepts of Referential Integrity Concepts of Modelling Database…

Excel 2007 Advanced

Excel 2007 advanced online training Hyderabad India Course OverviewProminence of Excel 2007 Career OpportunitiesVideo – Excel 2007 Advanced Course Overview Vertical Lookup (Vlookup) Horizontal Lookup (Hlookup) Match and Index IsText, IsValue, IsDate , IsErr, Is Error, IsNa Advanced Filters Using List Features Dynamic Lists (Tables) Using the Pivot Table Wizard Changing the pivot table layout…


hibernate online training Hyderabad india Course OverviewProminence of Hibernate Career OpportunitiesVideo – Hibernate Course Overview Object/Relational Paradigms O/R Mismatch Object Relational Mapping (ORM) Java ORM/Persistent Frameworks Hibernate Architecture and API Hibernate Installation/Setup Configuration Configuration Properties Mapping Files POJOs JavaBeans Basic Mapping Class to Table Mappings Property Mapping Identifiers Generators Natural Keys Identifier Exposure Quoting SQL…

IBM WebSphere Admin 6.1

Course OverviewProminence of IBM WebSphere AdminCareer OpportunitiesVideo – IBM WebSphere Admin Course Overview WebSphere Overview and new features Architechure overview Toplogy and terminalogy Topology and terminalogy – Express Main themes, product packaging and development tools Overview of new features installation Installation overview Profiles – details V6 Install – Network deployment and express Web server plug-in…


Informatica online training Hyderabad India Course OverviewProminence of InformaticaCareer OpportunitiesVideo – Informatica Course Overview What is Data warehousing? Who needs Data warehouse? Why Data warehouse is required? Types of Systems (i) OLTP (ii) DSS Maintenance of Data warehouse Data warehousing Life Cycle Data warehousing Testing Life Cycle Source Integration Layer Staging Area Targets Analysis &…


J2EE Online Training Hyderabad India Course OverviewProminence of J2EECareer OpportunitiesVideo – J2EE Course Overview Remote Method Invocation Introduction Terminologies used in socket programming Elements required in RMI Steps for running RMI application Problems with RMI J2EE – Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Introduction Component API Service API J2EE Architecture J2EE Application Development Roles Enterprise Java…
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